Texting While Parenting… A Dangerous Divide?

May 16, 2014 | Parenting | 0 comments | Author:

You see it happening all the time – a parent steps away for a moment to take a quick call, return a friend’s text, double check a fact or piece of trivia online – all just a glance and finger … Continued

Kids & Smart Phones – What’s the Right Age?

February 8, 2014 | Parenting | 0 comments | Author:

At what age is it safe for kids to have smart phones? It’s a question posed by parents in our practice almost every day. Although there is no clear answer as to when a child should get his or her first smart phone, experts agree that safety is paramount when a child does eventually get one.

Sleepless in Sarasota?

January 13, 2014 | Parenting | 0 comments | Author:

Is your child misbehaving or simply missing sleep? Research demonstrates that a mere 41 minutes of sleep deprivation begins to diminish children’s coping skills and ability to reason; over time, too little sleep can lead to a host of emotional problems at home and school,

Make New Year’s Resolutions a Family Affair

December 28, 2013 | Parenting | 0 comments | Author:

New Year’s resolutions aren’t just from grown-ups. Children can learn a lot about self-discipline, creating good habits and the value of setting goals when we invite them to be a part of this annual tradition.

A Gift That Lasts a Lifetime

December 20, 2013 | Parenting | 0 comments | Author:

If we want to help our children develop realistic expectations and an attitude of gratitude, we must help them appreciate the beauty in giving not getting, and most importantly, to realize that it is not “things” that will satisfy their yearnings and make their holidays meaningful, but the love, connection, creativity and spirit of generosity that accompanies the exchange.

Kids and Chores: Why Bother?

October 8, 2013 | Parenting | 0 comments | Author:

Is getting kids involved in helping around the house worth the effort? Here are 3 reasons why it’s important to teach children to to become contributing members of the family.