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Weiss Pediatric Care is dedicated to helping parents raise healthy kids through a new approach to medical care that is family focused, developmentally oriented, and prevention based.

All families deserve a medical “home” for their children where they can receive state-of-the-art medical care, as well as, parenting and developmental guidance at every visit, and where children and parents are always treated with respect and compassion.

Our Guiding Principles…

  • Promotion – support children’s over-all health and well-being by providing state-of-the art medical, parenting and developmental guidance.
  • Prevention – keep children physically healthy and developmentally on target through regular well-child check-ups, routine developmental screenings, and referral to specialists when necessary.
  • Intervention – provide treatment that is consistent with the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines, and the highest standards of medical care.

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Our Team

Dr. Robert Weiss

Dr. Robert Weiss - Board Certified Pediatrician

Nationally recognized as a top doctor in Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine for over a decade, Dr. Weiss is now bringing his 34 years of pediatric care experience in Sarasota County to his role as primary physician at Weiss Pediatric Care. He provides patients with check-ups, treatment, recommendations, referrals and more. Beyond just treating illness, Dr. Weiss builds partnerships with parents in their children’s healthy development by emphasizing preventative health care, detailed treatment plans, the proper use of antibiotics and other medicines, medical management of acute and chronic conditions, and education.

Diane Weiss

Diane Weiss - Parenting Specialist

Diane Weiss, M.S. is the practice’s Child Development and Parenting Specialist with over 30 years as a leading expert in the field. Diane is a co-founder of Forty Carrots Family Center and the founder of Parenting Works, LLC (a parenting consultation firm) based in Sarasota County. Diane partners with Dr. Weiss on well-child visits to address caregivers’ parenting concerns and discuss their children’s development. She provides routine developmental screenings with children birth to five, offers individual parenting consultations, and parent support groups. Diane also manages the developmental and parenting information phone line.

Dr. Robert Weiss

Alison Griffin, A.P.R.N. - Board Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

Alison Griffin brings to her work as a Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner over eleven years of experience as a Pediatric Intensive Care Nurse at John Hopkins All Children’s Hospital. She is passionate about caring for children in our community and beyond. Ali participates in medical mission trips throughout the United States and the Dominican Republic. She and her husband have three busy school-aged children. They are an outdoors family who enjoy the beach, sports, and (most recently) kayaking.

Diane Weiss

Stacie Olivarri, A.P.R.N. - Board Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

Stacie hails from Saint Louis, Missouri with a Master of Science degree in Nursing, Pediatric Primary Care Nurse Practitioner. She has extensive experience as a Pediatric Intensive Care Nurse, first in the Special Care Unit at Children’s Hospital of Alabama, and then in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Saint Louis Children’s Hospital. Stacie loves working with kids because of their resiliency, personalities, and their ability to make her smile. She says that Weiss Pediatric Care’s commitment to helping children maintain healthy lives is exactly what she hopes to do through her work as a nurse practitioner. Stacie and her husband enjoy watching baseball and hockey, exploring new places to eat in Sarasota and going to the beach. They are proud puppy parents to Oliver, a miniature schnauzer, and Ellie a chocolate lab.

Dr. Robert Weiss

Shannon Creedon, A.P.R.N. – Board Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

Shannon joins the Weiss Pediatric Care team as a Board-Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (CPNP). She earned her Bachelor’s from Nazareth College and Master of Science degree in Nursing, Pediatric Primary Care Nurse Practitioner, at the University of Rochester. Shannon began her career in the neonatal intensive care unit at the University of Rochester Medical Center. Prior to joining Weiss Pediatric Care, she worked in a pediatric clinic in Port Charlotte. Shannon is passionate about incorporating mental health and well-being into her care for children of all ages. Her warmth, knowledge and skills are evident in everything she does. Shannon is married and mom of three kids. Clover, the dog, completes this busy family.
Dr. Robert Weiss

Mandy Taylor, APRN - Board-Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

Mandy joins our team at Weiss Pediatric Care as a Board-Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. She is originally from Mississippi, but recently relocated to Florida from Huntsville, Alabama. Mandy’s career began as a nurse in the neonatal intensive care and pediatric intensive care units. She completed her Master’s of Science degree in Nursing at Vanderbilt University. Her experience also includes working as a nurse practitioner in the pediatric emergency department at Children’s of Alabama and as a pediatric hospitalist at Huntsville Hospital. She is currently pursing a Doctorate of Nursing Practice from the University of Alabama and has a specific interest in pediatric mental health. Mandy is married and mom to one teenage son. She and her family enjoy the beach and Disney.
Dr. Robert Weiss

Rosemary DeMarco, LPN - Clinical Nurse Care Coordinator

Rosemary DeMarco, LPN is the practice’s Clinical Nurse Care Coordinator and Certified Breast Feeding Counselor. Rosemary has worked as a pediatric nurse for nearly 30 years. In that time, she has become legendary among both patients and physicians for her warmth, sensitivity, and skill. Rosemary views her work with children and families as a privilege and a calling, She is committed to personal and professional growth, constantly striving to make her already exceptional work better and more comprehensive. Along with interacting with Rosemary in her role as Clinical Nurse Care Coordinator, Weiss Pediatric Care patients with newborns will also benefit from her knowledge and experience as a Certified Breast Feeding Counselor.

Diane Weiss

Giselle Jaimes, CMA - Certified Medical Assistant

Giselle Jaimes joins Weiss Pediatric as a Certified Medical Assistant. This Florida girl has six siblings, all boys! Needless to say, her patience level is one we all strive to attain. Giselle brings with her a level of calm that makes every family breathe a little easier. Her love for children, compassion, and kindness shines through in everything she does. With several years of experience in Pediatrics and the qualities that Weiss Pediatric Care nurses are known for, Giselle is a wonderful addition to our team.

Dr. Robert Weiss

Coly Gilson, RN - Registered Nurse

Coly is a transplant from New Hampshire who moved to Sarasota 2 ½ years ago. While she is relatively new to our community, Coly is a veteran Pediatric Registered Nurse of over seven years.  In addition to being an accomplished RN, Coly also taught English in South Korea. As the youngest girl in a family of 6, Coly has always been surrounded by kids.  The roots of her love of children and her passion for pediatrics can be found in that very busy household.  Coly is mom to a dynamic 7-year-old. When she isn’t caring for children at Weiss Pediatric Care, you can find Coly reading, swimming, cooking (she’s a fabulous cook!), and traveling.

Dr. Robert Weiss

Lauren Ritchie, CMA – Certified Medical Assistant

Lauren is a graduate of Manatee Technical College. She received her Medical Assistant Certification through the AAMA (American Association of Medical Assistants) in 2016. With 7 years of pediatric experience, we were thrilled to welcome Lauren to our team in the fall of 2022. Lauren’s compassion for children and families, and her skills as a pediatric medical assistant make her a perfect fit for Weiss Pediatric Care. Lauren has two children of the pet variety – Nala, the standard poodle and Luna, the cat. She enjoys painting, makeup, shopping, and spending time with and making memories with family and friends.
Dr. Robert Weiss

Marisa Smith - Front Office Manager

Marisa is our sunshine at the front desk who joined our team with more than 10 years of experience in the medical field. She makes everyone feel at home at Weiss Pediatric Care with her bubbly personality, warm welcomes and genuine concern. Whether she greets you by phone or in person, Marisa’s enthusiast reception truly represents our family friendly culture. Marisa is a Florida girl with a love of animals that is evident in her Myakka mini farm that is complete with horses, cows, and even bunnies! She is an avid reader who enjoys books of all kinds, and is a masterful crafter and sewer. Marisa loves children and has two of her own. She is a proud member of the PTO Board at her daughter’s school.

Diane Weiss

Danielle Rodriguez - Front Office Specialist

Danielle’s 6 years of experience as a front office specialist, diploma in medical billing coding, and her health information associates degree are a perfect fit for the demands of a busy pediatric office.  What makes Danielle truly exceptional is her contagious laugh and ability to make even bad days better.  She’s dedicated to helping others through her work at Weiss Pediatric Care, and it shows in everything she does.  Her kindness, compassion, and gentle spirit brings a sense of calm to parents, children, and our team. Danielle’s desire to always do her best fuels her commitment to continue to learn new things. Born in New York, Danielle has fallen in love with Florida’s sunshine, beaches, and attractions.  As a boy mom of two, she enjoys doing anything outdoors with her little guys.  She loves to cook and spend time with family.

Diane Weiss

Mirine Richey - Lactation Consultant

Mirine is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, and former Chair of the Breastfeeding Committee with the American Public Health Association. She has a background in public health and community education and has worked with mothers and babies in Florida hospitals, clinics and health departments since 1997.

Dr. Robert Weiss

Harry Houdini - Therapy Dog

Harry joined the Weiss Pediatric team to work magic with children of all ages and their families. He has heard all about his amazing predecessor, Elliot, who charmed his way into the hearts of many of our patients and parents. Harry knows he has big paws to fill. With his winning smile, charming personality, and love of children, he’s more than up to the task. Harry attended school to practice his manners and the art of offering comfort, reassurance, and hugs. He’s looks forward to meeting children and parents alike when he is on the job at Weiss Pediatric Care working magic, just like the magician for whom he’s named. Watch Harry practice his skills when he was getting ready to join the team as Dr. Weiss’s canine assistant.

Diane Weiss

Elliot Weiss, PhD - Pretty, Hypollergenic Dog - In Loving Memory

Although originally from Kentucky, Elliot (a goldendoodle) has been a member of the Sarasota community for most of his life. Working alongside Dr. Weiss, Elliot has helped demonstrate the benefits of pet therapy through his in-depth research at places like parks, the Sarasota Farmer’s Market, and restaurants with outdoor seating, Elliot’s role as a certified therapy dog is in keeping with his lifelong ambition of bringing joy to children and families. Elliot has been instrumental in the development of Weiss Pediatric Care, often taking Diane and Dr. Weiss on long walks to discuss the finer points of the Pediatric Medical Home model and also to smell trees. Elliot’s passion for Weiss Pediatric Care is matched only by his love of cream cheese. He has no doubt patients will come to share his enthusiasm.

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“Bringing together the skills of Dr. Weiss’ excellent pediatric medical care and Diane’s parenting guidance truly is every parents dream and a wonderfully unique approach to the delivery of pediatric care in our community.”

“From the moment Dr. Weiss visited Anna and I after delivery, I knew she was in the best hands. The staff was extraordinary, from Kerri’s friendly welcome, to nurses like Rosemary, who would even call me on her day off. If she didn’t know the answer, she would find it out for me. She provided invaluable guidance through my breastfeeding stage and her compassion and caring always put me at ease. Dr. Weiss’ extensive knowledge, wisdom, calm demeanor and sure-handed approach always put us at ease and made us feel lucky to have him as our pediatrician.”