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Weiss Pediatric Care provides accessible, continuous care through our drop-in hour for unscheduled sick visits, week day appointments for same-day sick appointments, scheduled check-ups, breastfeeding counseling, parenting consultation, developmental screening, immunizations, flu shots, and other services. Patients also have access to 24-hour telephone support.

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Monday – Friday
8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

To accommodate our families, we have extended hours on Mondays until 5:30 p.m.

Walk-in Time for established patients**
Temporarily Suspended Due to COVID-19. Please call for an appointment.
Monday – Friday
8:00 -8:45 a.m.
No appointments necessary.

**See below for description of symptoms appropriate for Walk-In Time


At Weiss Pediatric Care, our goal is not only to help when your child is sick, but also to keep your child, and your whole family well. The most important way we do this is to see your child for a series of Well-Child Visits that are scheduled according to American Academy of Pediatrics’ guidelines. Babies and toddlers have frequent check-ups during the early years. Beginning at age three, children are seen annually for well visits.

A typical well visit at Weiss Pediatric Care may last between 30-60 minutes (so be sure to allow plenty of time when scheduling these appointments!). That’s because our preventative visits include a comprehensive head-to-toe exam and much more.

Here are some of the things you can expect at Weiss Pediatric Care’s well-child visits, in addition to a physical examination:

Medical History & Pre-visit Questionnaire – including physical concerns, sleep habits, eating habits, screen time, exercise, school performance, extracurricular activities, and relationships with family and friends
Vital signs documentation – height, weight, and blood pressure
Growth and development monitoring
Vision (including Spot Vision screening for infants and young children), hearing, hemoglobin, urine, and cholesterol testing
Developmental, social/emotional, and behavioral screening – completed by parents and preteens/teens
Health education and anticipatory guidance – for injury prevention, risk reduction, and parenting success
Vaccinationsa series of important immunizations that help prevent serious illnesses and even saves lives.
Referrals – medical, developmental, educational, and mental health specialists, as needed

Together with you and your child, we will also assess what, if anything warrants a closer look or a longer conversation. We may ask you to schedule a follow-up visit for issues and concerns such as school problems; ADHD; allergy and asthma management; acne, wart removal and other skin problems; diet and healthy weight; and chronic stomachaches or headaches.

Well-visit surveys and handouts are made available to you through the Patient Portal. Be sure to check your child’s portal several days prior to a scheduled well visit so that you can complete necessary surveys and review developmental information ahead of time.



If your child is sick and needs to be seen, please call for an appointment as soon as possible. We make every effort to provide same-day appointments for ill children, or within 24 hours when appropriate.

If you’re uncertain about your child’s health or symptoms, feel free to call our office.  Advice is available from a member of our clinical team during office hours, and patients have 24/7 telephone support for after-hours concerns that cannot wait until the office reopens.

When calling the office regarding a sick child, a staff member will ask questions about your child’s symptoms, the duration of the symptoms, health issues your child might have, and any medications (including over-the-counter meds) your child is taking. Being prepared to answer those questions will help us provide optimal guidance, and appropriately schedule necessary appointments.



A Sports Physical helps determine whether it is safe for a youngster to participate in a particular sport. Most schools and programs require that kids and teens have a sports physical before starting a new sport or beginning a new competitive season.

Because we know your child – and your child’s health history – Weiss Pediatric Care offers Sports Physicals as an alternative to those available at Quick Cares and other in-and-out medical facilities.

During a Sports Physical, we’ll take a medical history and provide a physical exam that includes height, weight, blood pressure, pulse, and vision screening. We’ll also check heart, lungs, abdomen, ears, nose and throat, and evaluate posture, joints, strength and flexibility.

Sports Physicals focus on your child’s well-being specifically as it relates to athletic issues. A regular physical exam is far more comprehensive and addresses overall well-being, including things that are unrelated to sports. Sports Physicals are not a substitute for well visits so it is still important for your child to have a regular yearly physical exam.

If your child has not had a well visit in the past year, a Sports Physical may be done at the time of the well visit, and insurance plans typically cover the cost. If your child’s last well visit was within the past 12 months, insurance typically will not pay. The fee for non-covered Sports Physicals is $40.



At each well checkup you will receive a complimentary copy of your child’s immunization record and physical form. Any additional forms you bring with you at the time of this visit (such as a sports physical form) will be completed and available for pick up and/or for viewing and printing in your child’s secure patient portal* within 3 business days.

If you request these forms at any other time, and your child’s last well visit at Weiss Pediatric Care is within the past 12 months, the requested forms will be available in your child’s secure patient portal* within 3 business days. Additional printed copies of these forms are available for pick up also within 3 business days upon payment of a $10 administrative fee.

Forms other than immunization records and physical forms – such as camp, sports, and college forms – requested at times other than at a well visit are completed and made available for pick up and/or for viewing and printing in your child’s patient portal* within 3 business days if your child has had a well visit at Weiss Pediatric Care within the past 12 months. Many of these forms are detailed and require a parent to fill in a significant portion before the physician can sign the form. Please complete the parent section before providing these forms to us.

In order to accommodate patients that need forms by the following business day there is a $25 convenience fee for rush requests.

Sports Forms: If your child’s last well visit is within the past 12 months, insurance typically will not pay for a Sports Physical. The fee for non-covered Sports Physicals is $40.

*On the portal, select your child’s name on the home page; go to the patient information tab
and follow the forms link.


Temporarily Suspended Due to COVID-19. Please call for an appointment.

We are pleased to offer walk-in visits as an extra level of service and convenience–one we know is especially helpful for families with busy schedules.

You may walk in Monday through Friday, 8-8:45 am, if you meet our walk-in criteria:

  1. Children must be older than four months
  2. Symptoms must be present for fewer than two days
  3. Health problem must be routine (like a sore throat, earache, fever, rash, runny or stuffy nose)

Because of the extra, more time-consuming care they require, patients not meeting the above criteria must schedule a regular appointment.

Walk-in patients are seen on a first-come, first-served basis.  On particularly busy days, we may not be able to accommodate all walk-in patients before our first scheduled appointment in the morning.  When this occurs, we’ll offer an appointment later in the day, or invite you to wait until we’re able to work your child into the schedule around those already holding appointments.



We’re available to our patients, 24/7. If your child has a medical issue that cannot wait until the office reopens, you can reach a member of the Weiss Pediatric Care Clinical Team by calling our office at 941-552-8341.  Our after-hours phone message directs you to our answering service, who contacts our on-call provider.  You should receive a call back within one hour.  If you don’t, please call the service again so that they can ensure that the provider has received your message.

Whenever possible, please call us if you think your child requires treatment at an Urgent Care Facility or Emergency Room. We can either provide advice for managing symptoms at home until the office reopens, or suggest the most appropriate place for your child to be seen on an urgent basis.



If your child is seen for medical care elsewhere, through self-referral, for urgent care outside of our office hours, or for emergency care in a hospital, please call the office and let us know. We’ll request copies of any medical records, so we can incorporate them into your child’s complete medical history, and schedule follow-up care in our office.


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