Patient Portal

Access the Patient Portal

Giving You Access to Your Child’s Medical Records and More…

The Patient Portal is a safe, secure website that offers you access to key parts of your child’s medical record. You can see, print, and download this information at your convenience, without having to call the office. You can keep track of important dates and milestones from wherever you have internet access.

Your secure patient portal allows you to:

    • Check pending appointments and request appointments
    • Review health records, including growth charts and allergy information
    • View patient notes from every visit, including details on vital signs, labs, tests, procedures, patient instructions, and follow-up.
    • View current prescriptions and request refills
    • Request referrals and forms such as school, daycare, and camp physicals
    • Receive educational handouts
    • Complete and return pre-visit, developmental, social/emotional, and behavioral surveys
    • Make payments online
    • View and print school required forms
    • Access and print your child’s medical records
    • Print immunization records
    • Update address, phone numbers and emergency contact
    • View lab results and request lab orders

How it Works:

**You will not be able to register with our office without an assigned PIN.**
Once you have scheduled your first appointment with our office we will send you a PIN that will allow you to register with our patient portal. Once this registration is completed there are a few things that you will see:

**We require 3 business days to process forms requests. Forms are only able to be completed for patients who are up-to-date on well visits.

With just a few clicks and a few minutes, you can turn your computer, tablet, or smart phone into your very own Weiss Pediatric Care Portal home office.


    • The portal is only for non-urgent communication and requests. If your child is sick, please call the office.
    • Please allow up to 3 business days for requested forms to be uploaded.
    • Private health information will not be sent to you via email; instead we’ll upload any protected health information directly to your portal.
    • In order to comply with privacy regulations, once your child turns 18 years old, we will only provide portal access to authorized parents listed by the patient.


    Please call the office to get a PIN number for each of your children.
    Launch the patient portal from the top of this page and click on LET’S GET STARTED:

    3. Enter your email and create a password:

    4.  Enter in YOUR (not your child’s) date of birth and set your security question.

    5.  Then you will go to my practice game me a PIN for A CHILD. – Click on the A CHILD link:

    6. Then it will ask you to provide a little more information….
    7. Now we will add your children. Enter your first child’s date of birth and the PIN assigned by our office.
    8. Once you have added all of your children, click on CREATE MY ACCOUNT. It will then take you to the dashboard where you can toggle to each child and see all of their documents and appointments.
    If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact our office at 941.552.8341.