If you scheduled an appointment for one of our Saturday flu clinics, then you’ve probably already gotten the word. We’ve been calling to let you know that while we are receiving a steady supply of the nasal flu vaccine, we have yet to receive any of the flu shots that we ordered last spring.

Yesterday, the American Academy of Pediatrics sent out the following notice:

Several vaccine manufacturers have announced delays in the shipping of flu vaccine, leading to physician offices receiving vaccine later than originally projected. Recent projections suggest offices will receive vaccine in mid to late September through the end of October. We recognize the burden this places on your office as you try to vaccinate all children in a timely manner.

I have to admit that it’s so frustrating to see signs all over town saying, “Get Your Flu Shots here!”   Like you, we are wondering why the big stores have plenty of flu vaccine to go around while Pediatricians all over the country are waiting to receive orders placed months and months ago.

In the past, manufacturers were known to give priority to large corporations. We don’t know if that’s the case this year.  All we know is that we’re in line, along with other primary care doctors, and that it will be at least a couple more weeks before we begin to see deliveries.

For now, we are able to schedule appointments for the nasal flu vaccine, which has proven to be 55% more effective than the injection. If you prefer, we can put your child’s name on our priority waiting list.  As soon as we receive our shipments, phones will start ringing as we contact everyone on the wait list to schedule appointments.

Thanks for your patience as you wait, along with us, for the much anticipated delivery of our 2014-15 flu vaccines!