It’s 4:30 and you’ve just managed to get to the daycare before they close for the day.  You’re greeted by your child’s teacher who announces that your child has a runny nose, has been coughing, has a rash, and now seems a little warm.  Oh, and the teacher reminds you that your child can’t come back to school tomorrow without a doctor’s note.  Ahhhh!  If only you had known sooner, you would have left work early to be sure that you were able to have her seen by the doctor.

We know there’s nothing more frustrating than picking your child up from daycare or school at the end of the day only to discover they’re sick.

So with the winter illness season in full swing, WE’VE EXTENDED OUR HOURS ON MONDAYS (USUALLY OUR BUSIEST DAY!) UNTIL 6:00 PM. BEGINNING JANUARY 21ST We’ll answer the phones at the office until 5:30 on Mondays, and as always, we’re always available on call at any time.