We celebrated Tara’s birthday yesterday at our team meeting.  But the truth is that we celebrate her every day at Weiss Pediatric Care.

As our Nurse Practitioner, Tara has expanded our ability to see your children in a timeframe that is best for you through her availability for well and sick visits.  She has also added new preventative care services that are improving the health and well-being of our kids.

Tara has taken the lead on Spirometry testing and Asthma Care Plan development for our children with Asthma and Reactive Airway Disease.  Spirometry,  a computer-based test that determines how well a child’s lungs are functioning, provides vital information for creating and maintaining personalized Asthma Care Plans.

Through her asthma education program and asthma care plans, Tara is helping children minimize or eliminate their asthma flare ups.  Emergency room visits are greatly reduced, and children are able to maintain everyday activities. Along the way, Tara offers education and support for children and families so they can become asthma experts too!

In addition to her specialized focus on asthma education and treatment, Tara is also our Fit4AllKids expert.  She offers this one-on-one program to help children and teens learn to manage their weight and make healthy choices about food and exercise.  Over the course of 6 monthly visits, children and their families work together to create new traditions and habits that can lead to a lifetime of good health.  Be sure to check out our Blog about Kevin, our first Fit4AllKids graduate.

Please join us in wishing Tara a happy birthday and thanking her for all that she does for our Weiss Pediatric Care patients and their families!