If the temperature outside didn’t suggest otherwise, you’d think we’re in the middle of winter.  The number of sick children that we’re seeing now is much more like what we’d expect during the winter months when coughs and colds and fevers are common.

So why are the number of sick kids nearly double over last year?

There’s no one answer but a few obvious possibilities.

As the number of people receiving COVID vaccines increase, safety standards have relaxed.  Masks are noticeably absent in grocery stores and other public places.  Social distancing is becoming a thing of the past as families and friends gather together once again.

While much of what we are seeing is typical childhood illnesses, what is most worrisome is an increase in RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) and of course, the concern about the new, much more contagious Delta variant of COVID 19.  Children who are too young to be vaccinated and those who choose not to be, are especially vulnerable.

What do parents need to know about the Delta variant?

  • All three COVID vaccines appear to work well against the Delta variant
  • If your child is old enough, be sure they are vaccinated as soon as possible. There is a 3-week period between the first and second shots so if you start now your child will be protected when school starts.
  • If your child isn’t old enough to be vaccinated wearing a mask is the best protection again the Delta variant, along with following all of the standard safety precautions including social distancing, especially when indoors and around adults who aren’t vaccinated.
  • Wash hands, properly and often.
  • Stay home and call us if your child becomes sick.

Most kids contracting the Delta variant seem to have mild infections but the jury will be out about the extent of complications for quite a long time. It is best to prevent infections whenever you can.

The number of COVID cases are on the rise in Sarasota County.  The positivity rate is 8.53, up 3.31% in just the past 7 days.   It’s definitely not time to let our guard down.

While communities around the country are walking back precautions, we are going the extra mile to keep everyone healthy and safe.

Weiss Pediatric Care and medical clinics around the country are responding to OSHA’s Emergency Temporary Standards (ETS). Among other regulations, everyone over the age of 2 entering our office must wear a mask.  Air purifiers, COVID questions and temperature checks are here to stay for the foreseeable future.

For the sake of our kids and for our community, please continue to practice safety guidelines whether or not you’ve been vaccinated.

Be well.