The internet and facebook are abuzz with news of a respiratory illness called enterovirus.  At best, it causes mild symptoms like the cold, or even no symptoms at all.  At its worst, it is sending children to the hospital.

Social media and internet outlets are spreading facts and fiction at a rate much faster than the virus itself.   Weiss Pediatric Care wants to be sure you have accurate, parent-friendly information that sifts through the sensationalism and gives you the basics – What is enterovirus?  Who’s at risk?  How is it treated?

Please check out the American Academy of Pediatrics article, “Reports of a Severe Respiratory Illness on the Rise”, for information that you can trust.

Because more than half of the children with confirmed cases of enterovirus have a history of asthma or wheezing, the Center for Disease Control urges that these children follow their asthma action plans.

If your child has been diagnosed with a chronic respiratory illnesses such as asthma, asthmatic respiratory bronchitis, or cough with wheezing, make sure that your child’s asthma action plan is current and that medications are up-to-date.  If your child does not have an asthma action plan, now is the time to schedule an appointment.

For all children, even those without a history of asthma, contact the office whenever you’re concerned, but especially if your child is experience more severe symptoms, such as difficulty breathing.

At Weiss Pediatric Care we take your children’s health very seriously.

We are always vigilant about disinfecting frequently touched surfaces, including toys and doorknobs. With the increased concern for the potential spread of enterovirus, we have redoubled our efforts.  You will find additional hand sanitizers in our waiting area.

And while we always triage patients in the waiting room in order to minimize children’s exposure to those who may be contagious, this Fall we plan to use our beautiful garden as an additional place for families to wait to further prevent the spread of infections.