Did you know that Weiss Pediatric Care has a Family Advisory Council?

This group, comprised of Weiss Pediatric Care parents, meets three times a year with our Parent Partners, Kerri Bonich and Jodi Causey, and is like a “think tank” for quality improvement. It is through their experiences and recommendations that we can truly assess how we’re doing and learn what we can do better or differently to provide the highest quality of care for children and their families.

One of the first recommendations to come out of this group had to do with providing easy access to a wide range of community resources for all of our kids, including those with special health care needs.

The Family Advisory Council created a list of “tried and true” resources which we used as a catalyst for reviewing, revising, and enhancing the Parent Resource Section on our website.

One of many additions that resulted from their work is an extensive list of free and affordable Community Resources ranging from developmental/educational/behavioral screening and intervention to mental health services and support groups.

Beyond specific resources and links  available on our website, Weiss Pediatric Care’s Family Advisory Council wanted you to know about some great ways to find out what’s happening for kids and families in our committee.

Here are their top sources for kid-friendly activities and events:

  • Facebook – social groups to “Like” and learn about community activities and local businesses
  • Family Living Magazine – premier source for all things about parenting in our community
  • Macaroni Kids – Facebook page offers links to businesses in the community, birthday parties, libraries, parks, etc.
  • Mommy Magazine – great ideas for fun activities and creative project to plan with kids
  • Women’s Resource Center – programs and classes for women’s career services and education
  • Sarasota County Libraries – book readings for children, class for parents and babies

Thanks to our Family Advisory Council for all of your hard work!

If you’d like to learn more about Weiss Pediatric Care’s Family Advisory Council, or are interested in becoming a part of this amazing group, please contact Kerri Bonich  our Front Office Specialist by calling 941-552-8341, or emailing her at frontdesk@weisscare.com.