It may be cooling off outside, but temperatures seem to be on the rise with kids!

Illness season has hit and with illness, often comes fever.

There are many myths around fever, and many of those myths cause parents to worry and lose sleep. What we know to be a fact is that fevers are not only harmless, but they are actually helpful.

Here are a few fever myths that keep parents up at night (and worrying by day):

      MYTH:   My child feels warm, so she has a fever.

     MYTH:    All fevers are bad for children.

     MYTH:    Fevers above 104&deg F 40&deg C are dangerous. They can cause brain damage.

     MYTH:    Seizures with fever are harmful.

     MYTH:    All fevers need to be treated with fever medicine.

     MYTH:    Once the fever comes down with medicines, it should stay down.

     MYTH:    If the fever is high, the cause is serious.

     MYTH:    The exact number of the temperature is very important.

If you’d like to know the facts about these and other fever myths, check out our Is Your Child Sick? symptom checker on our home page. Click on Fevers – Myths versus Facts in the Illness & Symptoms drop down menu and find out why fever is one of the good guys!