Friday we celebrated the birthday of our amazing Front Desk Specialist, Kerri. Whether you call the office or come in for a visit, Kerri greets you with warmth, compassion, and enthusiasm.  There simply couldn’t be a better person to serve as ambassador for Weiss Pediatric Care!

When we were putting together our team, we knew how critical our Front Desk Specialist would be to our success.  So after reviewing over 300 applications for the position with no luck, and just a few weeks to go before opening day, I began to despair. What would we do if we weren’t able to find the right person to round out our team?

Out of desperation, I began telling everyone I could think of that I was searching for the perfect person to fill the important role of Front Desk Specialist.  So one morning, as I sat having breakfast with a colleague, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask.

“Do you know anyone who might be interested?”

My colleague, Diane Leddy, an accomplished health coach, responded with a smile and a nod.

“As a matter of fact, I do,” she said.  “My daughter, Kerri.”

Two days later, I met Kerri at Starbucks, and within seconds…literally seconds….I knew that I had found our Front Desk Specialist.  You can’t help but smile when you spend time with Kerri.  She’s just so upbeat, passionate, and engaging.

Please join us in wishing Weiss Pediatric Care’s, Kerri, a very happy birthday.  And if you haven’t met her yet, call the office or stop by.  I promise, within seconds, you’ll be smiling too!