Therapy dogs are proven to provide comfort and reassurance to children when visiting the doctor.

Harry Houdini, Therapy Puppy In Training, is now on the job!  He has joined the Weiss Pediatric team to work magic with children of all ages and their families.

He has heard all about his amazing predecessor, Elliot, who charmed his way into the hearts of many of our patients and parents. Harry knows he has big paws to fill.  With his winning smile, charming personality and love of children, he’s more than up to the task.

Because he is new to the team, Harry has been assigned part-time hours while he practices his manners and the art of offering comfort, reassurance, and hugs.

Look for him whenever you visit the office on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday mornings. If he’s not napping (the only thing he loves as much as kids and treats!) he’s happy to say hi and to tell you all about how he is just like the magician and escape artist for whom he’s named.