Weiss Pediatric Care follows the guidelines for standard of pediatric care, which include a yearly health maintenance/preventative visit. Occasionally a parent will tell us that they know their child is fine so there’s no need for an annual wellness appointment.

We asked our providers to answer the question, “Why are yearly preventative visits important, even when a parent says all is well?”

Here’s what our providers had to say:

Dr. Weiss

Wellness visits are an opportunity to make sure your child is growing and developing normally, to provide immunizations, to administer age-appropriate screenings, and to identify and treat any health problems like abnormal blood pressure or high cholesterol – both of which are serious in children. Annual checkups are also important for mental health.  We talk with kids about their social and emotional health and help identify signs of depression, anxiety, suicided thoughts, and alcohol and drug abuse. During the pandemic this part of our well visits is more important than ever as many of our children struggle with the restrictions and turmoil of the past year.


Well-visits are crucial for staying up-to-date on life-saving childhood immunizations.  These visits also give us a chance to review with parents and families age-specific safety measures in your home and community, from safe sleep for infants to those “sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll” talks with our teens.

Erin, APRN

Well visits are important so that we can consistently monitor growth, administer vaccines, address any concerns, and identify any issues early so we can be proactive and meet your child’s healthcare needs.

 Stacie, APRN

Wellness visits are all about prevention, education, and establishing and maintaining a trusting, collaborative relationship with your child’s healthcare provider.

All of our providers agree. Annual wellness visits are all about prevention and keeping kids on the path of lifelong health.

At Weiss Pediatric Care we schedule your child’s next wellness appointment a year in advance.  Please check your portal for the date of your child’s upcoming annual visit, or give us a call if we can help you reschedule or make an appointment.

We look forward to seeing you and your children soon!

The Weiss Pediatric Care Team

P.S. In Ali’s blog, The Importance of Well Visits, she explains why the American Academy of Pediatrics says that EVERY child needs well visits, ESPECIALLY if they are typically healthy.