I’ve often joked that I can’t imagine how anyone raises kids without a pediatrician sleeping next to them.

I had the good fortune of being able to wake up my Pediatrician husband, Dr. Weiss, in the middle of the night (when kids ALWAYS seem to get sick, or sicker!) to calm my worries about our own kids’ illnesses and to get the answers I needed.

Whether it’s the middle of the night, or the middle of a busy day, we believe all of our families should have immediate access to trustworthy pediatric advice, just like I did.

That’s why we’ve added a new feature to our website where you can find nationally recognized medical advice for over 100 symptoms and illnesses common in kids, along with a medicine dosage guide, and an easy-to-use resource for learning about a variety of medical conditions.

To get started, look for Is Your Child Sick?  on our homepage.  You’ll also find common Medicine Dosages based on weight and age, along with additional Medical Information regarding parenting, behavior, breastfeeding, and more. From fevers, to sunburns, to stomach pains to lice…you’ll find many answers to your questions and concerns at weisscare.com

We hope that you’ll go to our Symptom Checker before you call us during the day or for after-hours concerns.  You just might find that it’s almost like having a Pediatrician guiding you!

While our goal is to make this gold mine of advice available to our patients, we’re happy to invite anyone looking for evidenced-based information about pediatric medical questions to take advantage of this great resource.

So if you’re a Weiss Pediatric Care family….enjoy!  And if you’re a visitor to our website, welcome.