Let’s face it…no one likes getting shots. They hurt, if only for a few seconds. You have to sit still, and sometimes have mom or dad help hold so that we can be sure everyone is safe. Who likes being held? Not little ones! And many children and parents get scared, worried, and anxious at the mere thought of shots!

What can happen is that lifesaving vaccines can become big hurdles for kids and parents.

That’s why our team is working hard to take the “scaries” out of vaccines.

So what’s new?

  • Vaccine Comfort Kits filled with tried and true distractions to take kids’ minds off of shots.
  • Buzzy and the Shot Blocker that reduce the discomfort of shots by putting something cold, vibrating or bumpy between the pinch of the shot and the brain.  Many of our patients have told us that these really help. Sometimes they say they don’t even feel the pinch!

Our team has put together some great ways to make shots less scary and uncomfortable for kids. But it turns out that we can’t set kids up for success at shot time without you, the parents!

You can help your children be confident and prepared for shots by talking to them about what to expect, even before they can talk. Be sure to ask us about our tips sheets to help you have these important conversations.

 Together we can help to take the sting out of shots for your kids!