Really? Chicken wings are a ticket to good health?

Well not these kind of chicken wings…though they may be oh-so-yummy.

Or this kind of chicken wing…though it certainly is very fancy.

  I’m referring to this chicken wing.  A chicken wing that stops the spread of germs and it looks like this!

And they’re re not just for kids either!


The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has endorsed the Chicken Wing (aka the ” Sleeve Sneeze”) because the old-fashioned way of covering with your hand turns out to be a great delivery system for your sneeze juice!

Just think about it.  You sneeze into the palm of your hand, then open a door, use your computer mouse, shake hands, high 5, pay for something…and you’ve just passed along the very germs you were politely trying to keep to yourself.

Call it what you will…. the “Chicken Wing” (Dr. Weiss’s original term), the “Sleeve Sneeze” or “Elbow City”…but teach your kids, as young as toddlers, to sneeze or cough into the crook of their elbows.  And be sure to be good models too.

Instead of spreading germs this holiday season, spread the word about the “Chicken Wing” – a strategy for keeping everyone healthy around the holidays and all year round too!

Diane & The Weiss Pediatric Care Team