Thanks to Lori Goring from Autism Speaks for sending Weiss Pediatric Care tips for helping prepare children with autism for Fourth of July festivities.

It’s time to pull out the lawn chairs, heat up the grill, and make that last-minute run to the grocery store. .

The Fourth of July is a wonderful way to bring together friends and family while celebrating the stars and stripes.

Independence Day also means fireworks — which may be a fun tradition for some, but can also really scare children with autism. Truly understanding the best situation for your child can help prevent sensory overload.

Here are some of our quick tips:

  • Prepare your child. Talk about what’s going to happen at the party or fireworks display. You can show a video of fireworks — perhaps playing it quietly first, then slowly turning up the volume.
  • Focus on the fun! Let your child know that you’re excited to attend, and describe the activities you know they will enjoy.
  • Bring along favorite items such as toys, games and snacks. Provide distractions if your child gets antsy.
  • Defining a space with a blanket, towel, or chair can help a child with autism feel more comfortable in a crowd.
  • Bring headphones to help block out some of the sound, or consider sitting some distance away to avoid the intense noise.
  • Make sure your child knows how to ask for a break from the crowd or noise. If your child is verbal, he/she may need a reminder. However, many children do best with a visual aid. For example,
  • As always, make sure safety is a priority!

Enjoy your holiday!