We’re getting many calls a day asking for advice about whether or not a child or family member should be tested for COVID-19.

The answer is… anyone in our community who wishes to be tested can be tested without a physicians’ note and without symptoms, not all exposures are created equally.

While we currently do not have plans to offer COVID testing in the office, we have created a list of questions based on CDC recommendations that may help you decide when to seek testing.                                                        


1.  Were you in direct contact with someone two days prior to their testing positive for COVID-19 or who had active symptoms??

Close contact is defined by the CDC as being within 6 feet of that person for longer than 15 minutes.  If your exposure doesn’t meet the definition of close contact then your risk is low.

2.  If you were in close contact, has it been longer than 10 days since you were with that person?

If it hasn’t been longer than 10 days, testing is recommended.  If it has been longer than 10 days, then ask yourself the next question.

3.  Do you have symptoms such as a rash on hands and feet, shortness of breath, or a persistent cough?

If the answer is YES, then going to the hospital or being tested is recommended.  If the answer is no, then ask yourself the next                           question.

4.  Do you have fever, sore throat, headache, red eyes, body aches or muscle pain, chills or fatigue, loss of taste or smell, diarrhea, nausea or vomiting?

If the answer is YES to two or more of these symptoms, then testing is recommended. If the answer is NO or yes to only one symptom,             then testing is optional.

If you have had direct contact or any of the current symptoms of COVID-19, please call us to review the exposure and provide recommendations and guidance.

For a list of current symptoms of COVID-19, visit the CDC website.



RL Taylor Community Center Complex is the only local testing facility available for children.  Adults can also be tested at this facility. Testing is free. No appointment necessary.      

RL Taylor Community Complex Drive-Thru Testing
7 days/week 8am-5pm
1845 34th Street
Sarasota, FL 34234
Nose swab. Need valid photo ID. Results 2-4 days.

Plan on long lines at this facility and others in our area. A portion of your wait time will be outside of your vehicle. It is a good idea to bring water and snacks and some entertainment while you wait. There are a limited number of tests available per day, so plan to arrive as early as possible to avoid being turned away.

For additional testing locations, you can contact the COVID hotline at 941-861-2883.