The office feels so empty and alone without the sounds of you kids in our waiting room, exam rooms, and hallways. We miss your faces, your smiles, your laughs and even your post-vaccine teary eyes and sniffles. Most of all we miss your hugs and high-fives and giving you treasures. But mostly we miss your hugs.

Yes, we can and will continue to see you in the office for your well checks and sometimes sick visits. But more and more we see you on our computer screens while we visit with you using our fancy Telehealth technology. Telehealth is where we use video cameras on our computers and smart phones to see and talk to each other. Your parents will help you set that up when they call us when you don’t feel well or need some more medicine. Or maybe we just want to talk to you to make sure that you are exercising and eating your fruits and vegetables. There are a lot of things we can talk to you about using Telehealth.

While we’re waiting for the day when our office will be filled with you and your families again, we need your help. We need you to share some of your artwork and poems and stories with us. They need to fit in our very special 8 x 10 binder that we are creating. The binder will be displayed in our waiting room for all to see.  We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

You can mail your creations to us at our office:

Weiss Pediatric Care, 2201 Cantu Court, Suite 117, Sarasota, Florida 34232

Or you can fax your creations to us at 941-487-8925

Or…you can just send us an email at

So remember, Telehealth is not the same as seeing you in person, but it is an important way that we can help keep you healthy and strong.

We want to see your faces and feel those big strong hugs again soon!

Love you all,

Dr. Weiss, Diane, Ali, Stacie, Erin, Ashley, Marisa, Rosemary, Skylea, Caroline, Giselle,