Two year olds often say the most amusing things, even when they’re not feeling very well.

Last week we had a little guy arrive for a sick visit.  He was snuggled in his mom’s arms, his flushed cheeks pressed against her shoulder.  This wasn’t at all like the active two year old we typically see when he comes to visit.

Then, as always, the Weiss Pediatric Care team kicked into action.

First, he was welcomed to our office by our wonderful Kerri.  Then our nurses, Rosemary and Jenny, spent time with him and his mom in the exam room.  Next it was Dr. Weiss’s turn.  He talked with both the two year old and his mommy, while doing the kind of comprehensive exam that he is famous for.

When it was time to check-out, this little guy decided he would walk rather than be carried.  He marched to where he knew stickers awaited him, smiled at Kerri, and announced, “I think I’m going to be sick again tomorrow!”

Apparently, Weiss Pediatric Care is such a great place to be, even when you’re sick, that you want to come again and again!