Kevin set several goals during his monthly Fit4AllKids visits with Tara, our nurse practitioner. He decided to eat more vegetables, exercise more, and watch portion sizes.

When I asked him about some of the changes he made to be healthier, he told me that he is now taking karate, and when he goes to Applebee’s he no longer orders french fries, but is choosing applesauce instead.  And he definitely is eating more vegetables too.  Kevin is just 9 years old, and he is already on the path to a lifetime of healthy habits!

The Fit4AllKids program was designed by All Children’s Hospital to help kids reach and maintain a healthy weight and body size and to be more active and fit. Weiss Pediatric Care offers this program to our patients in response to growing concerns about the negative outcomes associated with unhealthy weight that begins in childhood.

You’ll often hear us talking about Body Mass Index (BMI) at your child’s well visits. Beginning during the early elementary school years, we invite children and teens with BMI’s greater than 85 to participate in Fit4AllKids at Weiss Pediatric Care.  It’s amazing to see what happens when a child and a family choose to become a part of this one-on-one program.  Even though the focus is on children, entire families are reaping the benefits!  We’ve had families who have committed to more family time at dinner, and others who are having fun exercising together.  And everyone seems to be drinking more water.

As for our Fit4AllKids “kids”, they accomplish these and other outcomes for better health:

  • Decreased blood pressure which helps improve their overall health and avoid the possible onset of heart disease.
  • Decreased eating of high calorie and high fat foods; they are open to trying new fresh whole foods and making better choices.
  • Increased levels of fitness and activity; they are having fun playing and enjoying a new active lifestyle.

Oh, and there’s one more outcome that is not reflected by tests results or food choices. Take a look at the pride on Kevin’s face, and the absolute adoration on the part of his little brother, Andrew, as all of us at Weiss Pediatric Care celebrated the accomplishments of our first Fit4AllKids graduate.

Way to go Kevin!

If you’d like information about the Fit4AllKids program at Weiss Pediatric Care, please call us at 941-552-8341, or email me at