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BABY-LED WEANING : Although fairly new in popularity in the U.S, different cultures worldwide have been using it for years.

Quiet Time for Parents

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Taking moments to be quiet is so important for parents’ well-being. But if you’re a parent you’re probably wondering…Quiet? What’s that?!!

Yoga for Kids

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Yoga is a way to hold your children high and raise them to find love and peace in ALL things.

Surviving Daylight Savings Time: A Goldilocks Story

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As we “spring forward” one hour on Sunday morning, I can hear you groaning along with a deafening chorus of sleep deprived parents. While grown-ups adjust pretty quickly to the change, it can be a different story for kids.

Holiday Closings

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We’ll be closed for the following holidays – Thanksgiving, Nov 24 & 25; Christmas, Dec 26; New Years, January 2. But you can always reach us by phone for urgent concerns that can’t wait until the office reopens!

Doc Good Morning Walk-In Hour

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Not all illnesses are created equally when it comes to the time it takes to address them adequately. Check out our Walk-In Hour info to see if a Walk-In visit is right for your child’s symptoms.

Closing early today…

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We’re closing early today, Thursday, October 6th. Check out our blog for details. See you tomorrow!

Top 10 Reasons to Get a Flu Vaccine

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There are at least 10 great reasons why your child should get a flu vaccination today! Here is Weiss Pediatric Care’s TOP 10 LIST.

Schedule Your Child’s Flu Vaccine Today!

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Our flu clinic opens in October. Appointments are available on Tuesdays from 4:00-5:30 pm and Thursdays from 8:00-9:30 am. Call today to make sure your child will have a healthy year ahead!

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

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We’ll be closed on Monday, September 5th in observance of Labor Day. For medical issues that can’t wait until Tuesday, call the office and press 1 to reach us. And be sure to check out the “Is Your Child Sick” Symptom Checker on this page for information and advice about over 100 symptoms and illness!